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Smore Surface Light 280Ø
Sale price₱4,500.00
Smore Surface Light 280Ø Pre-order
Kahono Shade Wall Light
Sale price₱9,500.00
Kahono Shade Wall Light Pre-order
Venus Drop Light 900ØVenus Drop Light 900Ø
Sale price₱15,000.00
Venus Drop Light 900Ø In stock, 2 units
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Smore Surface Light 600Ø with 500Ø shade
Sale price₱5,950.00
Smore Surface Light 600Ø with 500Ø shade In stock, 6 units
Amaia Pendant LightAmaia Pendant Light
Sale priceFrom ₱7,500.00
Amaia Pendant Light Only 1 unit left
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Carlos Wall Light
Sale price₱10,500.00
Carlos Wall Light Pre-order
Carlitos Wall Light
Sale price₱10,500.00
Carlitos Wall Light Pre-order
Carl Slim Wall Light OS
Sale price₱12,500.00
Carl Slim Wall Light OS Pre-order
Cuboid Round Drop Light (Small)
Sale price₱9,950.00
Cuboid Round Drop Light (Small) Pre-order
Carl Wide Drop Light
Sale price₱8,500.00
Carl Wide Drop Light Pre-order
Smore Surface Light 360ØSmore Surface Light 360Ø
Sale price₱4,750.00
Smore Surface Light 360Ø Pre-order
Smore Surface Light 440ØSmore Surface Light 440Ø
Sale price₱4,950.00
Smore Surface Light 440Ø Pre-order
Smore Surface Light 520ØSmore Surface Light 520Ø
Sale price₱5,950.00
Smore Surface Light 520Ø In stock
Carl Wall Light
Sale price₱4,950.00
Carl Wall Light Pre-order
Carl Double Drop Light
Sale price₱12,500.00
Carl Double Drop Light Pre-order
Carl Cylindrical Drop Light
Sale price₱25,000.00
Carl Cylindrical Drop Light Pre-order

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